An Ode to Boudha, by HawaH

Some people come to you and pray

Some people come to you
and take pictures of those praying

Some prostrate to memories
Others prostrate to future tidings…

Some people come to admire your ancient architecture
Others come to purchase new versions of old things…
Memorabilia to place on a bookshelf or hang on a barren wall

Newly painted feathered brushstrokes
Reminding them of your sanctuary

Some people come to walk circles around your edifice
To spin Tibetan prayer wheels and sit mesmerized by the sound...
Of pigeons being scattered
Away from children
Running too close to the feeding grounds

A city was erected around your magnetic pull
Prayer flags draped from your Stupa
The red, white, green, yellow, and blue hues
Resemble holy clothes
Covering the naked pain with prayers
Covering the agony with
Om Mani Padme Hum

Boudhanath… We see you
           Staring back at us

As We bow to the camera hidden in the clouds
As We come from near and far to remember how
to discover Love and Compassion
In the smallest of things

A Kora of cobblestone rings…
     pounded impenetrable through the hammer of faith

We place your embrace around our fingers
We sit with the wind
We bow over and over again
In your enormous grace
And sing.

Yoga Nepal, 2012

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