"The yoga and meditation pilgrimage with Yoga Nepal and Hawah was the most incredible way to sink into the beauty of Nepal. It was so professionally and cleverly put together with a right balance of yoga, meditation and spiritual experiences. Having the team who organised the retreat following us everyday, made it special. It never felt like anyone was organising it for any other reason but the joy of sharing their passion. We could feel this passion, their knowledge and I think this explains why the retreat was so highly appreciated by everyone. Thank you all, organizers, teachers, guides and students for making it such a strong and unforgettable experience."

-- Carole Revelly, 2014



"Yoga Nepal was the perfect experience at the perfect time in my life - as always, things present themselves when one is ready to receive. Marni shared with us on Day 1 that she wanted to create a type of family experience and she exceeded my expectations. It felt like family every step of the way - the love, the sharing, the teaching, the laughing and the crying were all beautiful experiences. The staging of the trip was ideal - from vibrancy of Kathmandu, to the sacred energy of Boudhanath, to the serene and subtle vibrations at Namo Buddha. The Yoga Nepal Team was incredible - patient, gentle and loving in their herding of "cats" while still meeting the needs of a diverse group of people and interests. I would recommend this trip to anyone interested in experiencing Nepal as a member of the Marni, Lucas and HawaH family."

-- Katie Barta, 2014



"I am still sorting out my feelings after the retreat. I am recommending it to everyone I know. I think it was one of the best things I could’ve done in my lifetime. There are few things in our lifetimes that we reflect on very fondly and my Yoga Nepal experience was one of them. Hats off to Yoga Nepal for organizing this. You did put your heart and soul in it."

-- Kathy Jalali, 2014


"Traveling with Yoga Nepal in 2013 was a life changing experience. Not only did I meet a group of incredible people from all over the world, see Kathmandu Valley through the eyes of those who live there and learn from some truly great Buddhism and meditation teachers, I also had the opportunity to practice yoga with the fantastic teacher Radhika, in some amazing locations. Yoga Nepal is an experience no other travel company offers. The program covers every interest point; from the presentation and discussion on Nepal history and culture from a highly respected local to a personal lesson in Buddhism in traditional Tibetan, translated by one of the guides, to witnessing moving "pujas" by young Buddhist monks while drinking yak tea in monasteries, yoga workshops and many laughter filled 'family' dinners with the group, the trip with Yoga Nepal was filled with highlights and moments that still make me smile. I couldn't recommend the trip highly enough. Thanks so much for having me Yoga Nepal".  

-- Jillian Murphy, 2013


"Prior to coming to Nepal, I had just completed an exhausting 7 years of medical training and felt that through the long hours and stress of work I was losing touch with compassionate care that I wanted to impart to my patients. With a good friend's encouragement, I decided to make the long trip across the world to find a course of inspiration. Through daily yoga practices, as well as intimate and unique exposure to the Buddhist religion and traditions, I was able to disconnect from my hectic and demanding lifestyle and experienced a time of true internal reflection. Our yoga instructor, Radhika, guided us in daily physically challenging practice that was firmly rooted in the spiritual aspect of yoga. I am so fortunate to have experienced yoga under her instruction as she guided my practice to a higher level of awareness. Every person involved in Yoga Nepal has such an interesting story as to how they found themselves in Nepal, but I was blown away by how they all were connected by such a friendly and compassionate spirit. My time spent in Nepal was a once in a lifetime journey that I was able to experience with a diverse group of people from all over the world, once that has definitely made an imprint in my life, and I would be incredibly blessed to experience again."

-- Anu George, 2013


"Memories - good laughs and good times; good talks over tea overlooking Boudhanath stupa; awesome "oms" with the singing bowls and bells outside; profound and fun yoga practices, meaningful meditation. Barking dogs, shooting stars, juniper incense, and lots of beautiful blessings. Loved the hikes, which provided another spiritual experience and an opportunity
to process and decompress, and a medium to move the body out of the yoga room. The group assembled seemed to be at its maximum for providing the right logistical and personal
balance and the pre-program info was helpful and right on. 
Thank you for a trip of a

-- Kathy Dummer, 2014



"Each moment of my trip with Yoga Nepal, from the time I stepped off the plane, to the final yoga practice in a beautiful room overlooking Kathmandu, made me feel like I was finally home. It's hard to fully describe in words the magic that happened in Nepal, but it has been a transformative experience. Yoga Nepal has my eternal gratitude.  Someday I'll come home again to Nepal."  

-- Stefanie Wallach, 2011



"What a wonderfully fulfilling and unforgettable experience! Marni organized everything impeccably: from her perfect choice of destinations and hotels, to her choice of excellent teachers and guides. The are all extremely knowledgeble in their fields and make every experience enjoyable and enriching. These 11 days are complete with physical yoga, meditation , and introduction to Buddhism, meeting Rinpoches and tulkus (teachers) in monasteries, visiting the beautiful Kathmandu Valley and hiking through terraced hills and remote villages. I highly recommend enrolling for a retreat with Yoga Nepal. It is truly a "pilgrimage to the heart"!"

-- Marie-Christine Joslyn, 2013



"Yoga Nepal masterfully opened a door to Nepal that left me wanting to learn, feel, and experience more. Nepal is so rich and varied that I don't think you can ever take it all in but Marni and her team told a story of Nepal that was woven together through unforgettable experiences, practices, and teachings. It has changed, in large ways and small, the way I think about my practices, my meditation, and my everyday outlook. It was one of those experiences you wish you could have again, for the first time, because when you look back, you wish you could capture and savor each minute more. I can't wait to find a way back."

--Michael Beard, 2013 



"This retreat wasn’t just a series of yoga practices planned with some cultural tourism thrown in. Marni Kravitz has taken pains to design a spiritual journey that brought us close to the intriguing cultures of the land. Seeing the rich spiritual traditions of the land unfold right before you, as well as partaking in some activities of the people, made it a truly beautiful and humbling experience. If that’s not enough to get one appreciating his/her place in this world, the breathtaking Himalayan landscape will.  My fun-loving traveling companions were a bonus, and I was very fortunate to have these people share my eyeopening experiences.  All in all, this trip has a special place in my heart. Because of it,  I will never see things the same way again."  

-- Evelyn Tay, 2010



"This trip was an amazing experience! It was the perfect balance between yoga, meditation and Buddhism. It also had a very good balance of tourism and culture, which made it unique. The sights, the food, and the accommodations were all very enjoyable. Kudos to Marni Kravitz & the team for such a nicely managed program. Waiting to hear where Yoga Nepal 2.0 will happen! Much love & thanks."

-- Andrea Bracho, 2013



"What an experience I had with Yoga Nepal! When people say "life changing" they really mean it. You may go to Nepal thinking you are there to learn about the place, its people and their culture, but believe me, you leave there having learned equally as much about yourself. 

Marni Kravitz and her team provide a safe haven. They give you the opportunity to stretch; physically, mentally, and spiritually. It's up to you how much growth you can handle. The greatest part is, when you leave, you want to come right back. Yoga Nepal has given my heart a home that I am longing to see again! I miss it already. Although I know parts of this experience will never leave me, I also know I will return to Nepal one day."  

-- Aneatha Robinson, 2012



"Back in March I took an amazing journey with Marni Kravitz and her team to Nepal. Daily yoga and hikes reconnected me to my body; the meditation and Buddhist teachings challenged my mind; and my heart was opened to a new community of people. If you've been feeling a little less than focused, I highly recommend this trip. I can promise you'll have an amazing experience. (Oh and the food is amazing, too!)"

--Katherine Miller, 2013


Carole Dansi.jpg

"I originally embarked on a trip for expansion. I ended up on an Odyssey that I am still riding...More than expansion, I am building myself anew. It will take me a minute to process all that I have ingested during these moments. Marni, thank you. Radhika, Hawah, thank you, and to my fellow perfect team members, we most definitely made it all together, and I thank you all. I do not know what tomorrow is made of, but truly today I do not care any longer. Namaste."

-- Carole Dansi, 2012


Screen shot 2011-01-23 at 10.38.41 AM.png

"It was a trip full of surprises and eventful road tours.From the moment I arrived, I was totally in awe of the excellent care and love I was given. ...Marni Kravitz and her team of expert tour leaders and guides gave a comprehensive and detailed description of the the world heritage sites, from temples to stupas, from rituals to cultural practices. We were also privileged and blessed to have had meditation teaching from the monastery monks. ...I learned so much about yoga in those 11 days. The experience has taken me on a journey of true appreciation and spiritual awakening of the mind which is what yoga is suppose to be.  I'm thankful to Marni for designing this trip out of passion and love for the purpose of sharing the experience and teaching the meaning of living in presence with our body.  If you must go to Nepal, go with Yoga Nepal with a purpose to find meaning in your journey. Namaste."

-- Carmen Loke, 2010


"I signed up for Yoga Nepal because I was looking to do yoga and meditation in a special place with special teachers, but it ended up being so much more!  The guides that shared the history and culture of the country were outstanding and I left not only with a sense of Nepal, but also feeling connected to some of the communities in Kathmandu.  Marni and her team did an incredible job of showing us important and meaningful places and making the trip feel smooth and effortless for all of us.  I also really loved and learned so much from my amazing co-adventurers. This trip really has a special place in my heart, I wish I could do it all over again - maybe I will one day!"

-- Emily Strunk, 2013


Screen shot 2011-01-12 at 10.49.25 PM.png

"Yoga Nepal offers a rare opportunity to delve into the world of Buddhist philosophy, learn about Hindu and Nepalese culture, and explore the natural and historical wonders of Nepal -- all while starting or ending your day practicing yoga with remarkable people and inspiring teachers.  This trip truly changed my life.  I don’t know how or when, but I hope to find myself in Nepal again.  If you like yoga, are looking for a bit of an adventure and time to reflect on life in a beautiful place, Yoga Nepal is for you!"  

-- Sarah McTee, 2010 



"If you are looking for a spiritual adventure, this could be the trip for you. I have not done group travel of any kind since I was a kid, this experience was so authentic that I felt like I was with a group of friends I had known for a long time. I came out of Yoga Nepal a little bit wiser and had my eyes opened to an incredible community that I had no idea existed. We were in such good hands, no detail was overlooked. The teachers that Marni puts in front of her group are experts in their fields. Marni is a great host and she leads by example." 

--Julie Beal, 2013



"Marni has put together an incredibly stimulating program on multiple levels: physically, spiritually, educationally, socially. The yoga is designed to stretch your abilities. She found two very different but complementary yoga teachers who drilled you through a vigorous practice at least once and sometimes twice a day. I was wrecked, but in a good way (think smiling exhaustion)! This was supplemented with some beautiful hikes to sacred places and spaces. There was an equally heady introduction to Buddhism from a series of academics and monks taking us through the various stages of personal spiritual development and Buddhist history. If you don't know anything about Buddhism, this is a great place to start. If you know some, this is a great program to deepen your knowledge. 

The program also attracts a very eclectic group of participants. Afterall, who flies halfway around the world to undertake this kind of "vacation." Interesting people worth meeting, that's who -- the kind you're not likely to have met before, but share the same curiousity and spiritual yearning that you do. And then there is meditation to boot. My favorite of which was the graititude meditation where we were guided through a process of thanking those from whom we have benefitted. It was quite powerful and moving.

This trip is full of extraordinary access and personal development. If there is ever a "Part 2" with some more aggressive hiking, I would sign up instantly."

-- Nevada Powe, 2012



"Marni, her friends, her colleagues, and her staff provide a beautiful spiritual and cultural experience of Nepal without sacrificing professionalism or efficiency. They do this so seamlessly that it would be easy to underestimate the planning and work this requires. You will leave knowing that you feel enriched and blessed. You will also know you had fun. It is only later that you will realize how much talent and effort went into making it possible. Namaste."  

-- Cheryl Carter, 2011



"Marni Kravitz's yoga retreats are totally inspiring. I went in 2011, and it was truly a spiritual journey. I loved the people of Nepal, their spiritual/cultural traditions. It was very humbling, and I always felt very safe. Marni makes the trip educational, enlightening, and very rewarding. The food was excellent and plenty of it. The yoga teachers were awsome, especially Shawn Parell. The studies at the monstaries helped deepen my interest in Buddhism. This was the journey that got me on the path to spirituality and grounding. Marni made it all the more rewarding. I will very likely take the journey again."

-- Maria McCabe, 2011



"Yoga Nepal was great medicine for me. This amazing experience recharged me physically, mentally and spiritually. The exposure to the peaceful Nepalese culture and the sacred landscape deeply moved me. This life changing experience enriched our yoga and meditation practice, our understanding of Buddhism and Hinduism and the Nepalese culture and history.  I am eternally gratefully for experiencing this awesome adventure."  

-- Cristine Wells, 2011


Screen shot 2012-11-17 at 9.09.34 PM.png

"I want to acknowledge and thank you for your lovely personal energy in creating a very special time on this tour!  Without your superb organization, this part of my personal journey would not have been possible!  Your attention to detail in our own preparation for the trip, your planning of accommodations, meals, tour guides & site seeing events while in Nepal is amazing! I so enjoyed the daily yoga & meditation! Fabulous trip!" 

-- Kathy Bugo, 2011


Screen shot 2011-01-23 at 10.26.25 AM.png

"Things have changed in Nepal since Bhagavan Das described it as being like a trip back to the middle ages.  But not by that much. Today, Nepal retains the sacred beauty that has been an inspiration to billions of people, while struggling to keep up with the 21st century.  The result is a sometimes jarring, sometimes lovely juxtaposition of chaos and stillness, framed by the majesty of the Himalayas.

Aside from moving there and just digging in, the only way to take all this in is with an experienced guide.  Marni Kravitz and Yoga Nepal helped me develop an appreciation for Nepal, its history, its spiritual roots and its culture that I couldn't have gotten anywhere else.  Using connections that go back for years, Marni was able to assemble a team of expert guides who not only told us what we were seeing, but helped us to relate all the pieces of the trip into a cohesive picture. 

To me, one measure of a successful educational experience is the degree to which it stimulates the desire for more knowledge.  By that measure, Yoga Nepal was one of the most fascinating experiences I've had.  It wasn't simply a series of sightseeing tours; it was a deeply inspiring journey into one of the world's spiritual epicenters. Two months after my trip, I am sill digesting all I saw and learned, and I fall a little more in love with Nepal every day."

-- Scott Carson, 2010



"The food was excellent, transportation and lodging were arranged so that you traveled with ease, and the guides knew the culture in depth.  But the best gift I received from Yoga Nepal was what I brought home.  The yoga teachers helped me strengthen my commitment to my practice. The studies at the monasteries helped deepen my interest in Buddhism and my meditation practice. Yoga Nepal helped renew my commitment to an important aspect of my life in ways that will be with me for a long time.  And the other travelers on the journey were great. My husband and I had never traveled as part of a group. We never felt like strangers in a strange land, but as part of a team of explorers."  

-- Marcella and Mark Gervais, 2010